Community Development Program- CDP   

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CDP Objectives:

The objectives of the CDP are:

  1. To organize and capacitate poor, peasants, labors and women groups to reduce poverty.
  2. To educate poor and marginalized communities and to reduce the gender disparities in the education sector.
  3. To enhance the access to the health facilities focusing on women and children.
  4. To enhance the participation of the poor, marginalized, neglected and women folks in political process and decision making.
  5. To mobilize and sensitize the neglected communities for their rights.
  6. To aware the communities for the conservation of environment by adopting environmental friendly practices.
  7. To Work for the conflict affected population and humanitarian aid for the displaced population of the North Western Pakistan.
  8. To work on the mine risk education in the area and inform teachers, students and communities on the unexploded ordinances in the area.
  9. To promote peace, entertainment in the rural areas and establish the libraries and promote the reading habits in youth.
  10. To Facilitate the Disaster Risk Reduction in the area.
  11. Work for the Cultural Preservation in the area.
  12. To initiate the sustainable livelihood initiates and promote indigenous skills, business and introduce the new ideas and initiatives.
  13. To educate the masses on the reproductive health, population issues, STDs, HIV-AIDS and initiate services delivery to facilitate the communities.
  14. To work on policy issues, researching and analyzing the policies affecting the communities.
  15. To initiate work on the disability and make the people with such disabilities a productive and independent citizens of the society.