Community Development Program- CDP   

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CDP has the following priority sector for the achievements of its vision and mission.

Human and Institutional Development (HID)

Sector Goal: CDP & Partners/ Communities empowerment and volunteers

Human and institutional development of the CDP and its partners/ communities for sustainable development and empowerment.

  • To organize the CDP partner communities to address their problems.
  • To provide the capacity building opportunities to CDP team and partner communities for self reliance.
  • To establish CDP Community Resource Center for benefiting the children, youth, women and adults.

Human Right and Peace

Sector Goal: Mobilization of communities for the promotion and protection of human rights and peace.

  • To encourage, mobilize and engage the youth to participate in meaningful, and constructive activities.
  • To provide opportunities to the youth and communities to participate in sports, games, music, art, drama, plays and reading.
  • To engage the stakeholders in peace building process.
  • To aware the masses on the importance of peace and development.
  • To aware the masses on the importance of women and youth political participation and enhancing their voter turnout.


Sector Goal: Advocacy for changes in policy and practices to benefit and protect the rights of the poor and deprived segments of the society.


Sector Goal: To explore the best and just utilization of natural, financial and human resources for the improvement of the livelihood of the present and future generations.

  • To impart the innovative skills and modern agriculture techniques for raising the income and protecting food security.
  • To provide the entrepreneurial skills and support to the youth and communities for establishing small businesses.
  • To aware the masses on the importance of protecting bio diversity, environmental conservation and reducing the harmful effects of climatic change.

Social services/ Health, Education and emergencies

Sector Goal: To improve the conditions of health, education and other social services delivery in normal and emergency situations.

  • To enhance to the access of the communities to basic health and educational services to contribute to MDGs.
  • To aware the communities for improving the condition of health and education.

Cross cutting theme

Community Development Program (CDP) has the following cross cutting themes.

  • Environment
  • Gender
  • Emergency and relief
  • Advocacy
  • Networking and linkages